NCBI is the national sight loss organisation, working for people with sight loss.

With over 54,000 people living with sight loss in Ireland, NCBI offers community-based services providing practical and emotional support, rehabilitation services and other training designed to help people with sight loss to live independently. 

Our Services

  • We help people to make the most of their useful vision
  • We help people to live independently
  • We help people to rediscover or continue to enjoy reading
  • We help people access information and communicate through technology
  • We help people to learn new skills
  • We help people with employment issues
  • We help others to make their services accessible
  • We produce information in accessible formats

We help people like Will 

    Hello, I'm a feisty 3 years old! NCBI helps me to learn new skills to help with everyday tasks. I love peg boards which help develop my motor skills and learn colours and number. I get to use a specially adapted computer to play educational games! Mom and Dad say they would be lost without NCBI.

Will Quinn

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