A covid-19 update from NCBI

For the latest information on Coronavirus and advice on how to keep you and your family safe, please visit the HSE's Coronavirus page.

NCBI shops and services

Unfortunately, all our stores remain temporarily closed and no donations are being accepted. We will continue to follow Government and HSE guidance on reopening our shops. 

In preparation for reopening all our stock has been fully steam cleaned, shops modified with appropriate signage and protection and we'll be asking all customers to continue to abide with social distancing regulations. 


Our services to people who are blind or visually impaired continue to operate. Our National Helpline 1850 33 43 53 is open 8am-8pm.

Shop Online

We've partnered with Thriftify to sell some of our quality

stock online. 

You can still grab those bargains while helping people living
with sight loss to live more independently

Which items can you donate when shops are open?

Clothes donation

  • We accept all types of clothes, women, man, kids, occasional wear and even wedding dresses.  

  • Paired shoes and lines

  • No duvets, mattresses or pillows, please. 


We collect all sorts of items:

  • Sofas, suites, armchairs

  • Tables, chairs, desks, cabinets, lamps

  • Bedroom furniture

  • Small Electricals

  • books, DVDs, CDs, collectables and bric-a-brac


We also accept a range of kids items:

  • Clothing & shoes

  • Buggies & prams

  • Toys

  • Baby furniture

  • Baby gear

To guarantee other children can enjoy the toys to the max, please ensure:

  • All pieces are included e.g. jigsaw puzzles, Lego etc.

  • No parts are broken e.g. action figures, dolls, electronic games etc. 

  • All soft toys & teddies are clean.

Why your donation matters?

In these frightening times, people living alone with sight loss are more isolated and anxious than never. For them, NCBI's crucial services are a lifeline. 

This is Nora's experience...

"When you can't see, the human voice and personal contact are so important. I've had good neighbours and friends who would call in for a chat. Now I'm completely on my own and the NCBI Library is my only friend." 

Make a donation

You can make a one-time donation or you can take part in the new Eye Can Community Lottery. For as little as 8.80€ per month you will be directly supporting thousands of people with sight loss like Nora.

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