Sustainable fashion! How can you help save the planet in 2019 and have a more sustainable wardrobe?

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

While clothing was once seen as a long-term investment.

Today's consumerist society has created a culture of "fast fashion" –buying cheap garments for short-term use before replacing them with the next trending item. The result? A disastrous impact on our environment that, as it stands, shows no sign of easing up.

What should you know about fast fashion?

According to Greenpeace, the average person buys 60% more items of clothing and keeps them for about half as long as 15 years ago.

Because of this mindset, the fashion industry is thriving. Clothing production doubled from 2000 to 2019.

"Fast fashion and the vicious cycle that has been set in motion by it cannot be ignored any more. First, cheap clothing makes it unnecessary to make do and mend. Next, we have lost our respect for clothing and the necessary knowledge to maintain them."

"Now we have lost all our inhibitions about even greater numbers of new clothing and using them for even shorter periods of time," said Kirsten Brodde, global project lead of Greenpeace International's Detox Sustainable Fashion campaign.

What some shoppers might not know is that fashion has a significant impact on the environment in many different ways. Primarily in the form of vast water consumption, toxins produced and waste created that goes into landfill.

A few tips to make your wardrobe more sustainable!

1 - Charity shops!

The easiest way to go sustainable is buying second hand clothing or even furniture on charity shops. Not only you will be helping the environment by saving water, avoiding clothes to go to landfill but you will also be raising money for a good cause, in our case, you will be helping people with sight loss to have the same rights and opportunities to others in society. Find your local charity shop here.

NCBI Charity Shop

2 No impulse buying

Every time that we speak about changing some habit or even change our life style, we automatically think that we should buy different items, different types of clothes, but to be sustainable the idea is quite the opposite. The most important habit to change is stop your impulse to buy unnecessary items, have a great look inside your wardrobe and open your mind, find different ways to tailor your clothes to adapt your new style.

3 – Donate your pre-loved items

Donate your items is another very important way to be more sustainable. And why is that? Even though you don’t want your old clothes anymore, it’s almost guaranteed that someone else will. There are many people in need of usable clothing, and people looking for some clothing to recycle and create a new style and your donations can help. When you throw away your clothes, they have no chance of reaching people who need them the most. If you're based in Ireland, just click here, fill the form and we will arrange a free furniture collection for you, or donate your items in one of our shops/clothing banks around the country, check the shop locations here, or clothing bank locations here.

4 – Swap shops:

The concept is simple: You bring items of clothing that you're willing to part with and get to choose items brought by other attendees in return. Swapsies is a great website where you can check the next swap shop, you can check here.

Usualy on arrival, the pre-loved clothing goes through a quick quality control examination, before being hung up along the racks of other clothing brought by your fellow swap-shoppers.

Once all the ticket holders have arrived and parted ways with their style swag, attendees line up, and after a 3-2-1 countdown, head into the racks to nab their first ultimate favourite item.

It's not only an excellent way to get some really nice clothes, but also a great chance to meet new people and have lots of fun.


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