Support NCBI’s Emotional Support Programmes

Your gift is the gift of hope and acceptance.

  • Imagine being fully sighted and then learning you will lose most or all of your sight or realising your child will always have poor or no vision. Understandably, receiving such a life-altering diagnosis (as a child or an adult) requires significant time, support and acceptance to adjust to your new life.

  • The severity and speed of each condition varies for everyone but no-one can prepare you for it or fully understand what you are experiencing but being there, supporting and listening is crucial. This gift would help fund the NCBI Eye Clinic Liaison Officer Service offering timely support at the time of diagnosis, ensuring a person understands the impact of their diagnosis and by providing them with emotional and practical support for their next steps. Also NCBI offers one-to-one counselling to help a person adapt and adjust to these life-changing circumstances in a safe and trusting environment.

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