Kids Clothing, Toys & more...

What can you find at NCBI kids shop?

  • Clothing 

    Good quality second-hand clothing for boys and girls. You can find your favourite brands for a fraction of the price.

  • Shoes

    We all know how fast they grow, to find good quality shoes for your little ones is sometimes a challenge but not anymore.

  • Buggies & Prams

    Single and double buggies of different models and makes are available as well as prams. Check them out in your local store.

  • Toys & Board Games

    Who says learning can’t be fun! We have a range of books, games and toys to keep your child stimulated and entertained.

  • Baby Furniture

    Cots, chest of drawers, Moses baskets etc. We all want the best for our kids for a good price, we can help you with that.

  • Baby Gear

    Bathtubs, a comfy chair, baby seat, baby carriers, so many items on offer at NCBI Kids shops.

Where can you find those bargains for your children?

NCBI have over 100 shops nationwide and there you will be able to find amazing gems for your kids at a very reasonable prices. If you want to visit one of our dedicated children's shops check the locations below.

NCBI Limerick Kids

5 Upper Williams Street, Limerick V94 WPR8  

Tel. 087 348 3550

NCBI Ringsend


9 Bridge Street, 
Ringsend, Dublin 4

Tel. 087 1394348

Donate your toys!

Doing a clear out? Please bring your donations to your local NCBI shop.

To guarantee other children can enjoy the toys to the max, please ensure:

  • All pieces are included e.g. jigsaw puzzles, Lego etc.

  • No parts are broken e.g. action figures, dolls, electronic games etc. 

  • All soft toys & teddies are clean.

Shop locations

Donate your toys and put a smile on a kid's face today, check your local NCBI Shop

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