Sustainable fashion

is not a trend but the future

The end of the 'Throwaway clothes' era is something we welcome with open arms.

Charity shops are beacons towards saving the planet: 95 per cent of clothing donated to us is recycled or sold on for reuse.

Every time you donate or buy any goods at our charity shops, four great things happen:

1        You stop waste going to landfill.
2   This saves your local authorities paying landfill tax.
3     Helps the environment.
4   Raises money for our services = what's not to like?!

Wondering if it's possible to find nice, unique and good quality second hands clothing? 

Well, check it out our galleries below and see by yourself




Find your local shop

NCBI has over 100 charity shops located around Ireland, it won't be difficult to find one near you.

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