Why NCBI Bridals?

Why Choose NCBI Bridal Collection?

By choosing NCBI Bridal Collection you won’t only get an extraordinary price for your brand new gown but you will also be making a valuable contribution to NCBI's work and helping to change the lives of thousands of people in Ireland living with sight loss to have the same rights and opportunities that everyone else has.  
NCBI offers community-based services to help over 6,000 people to adapt to sight loss and maintain their independence. These services include emotional support to the individual experiencing loss of vision and to their families, advice and information on all aspects of vision loss as well as practical support and solutions to the challenges encountered by people with vision loss. 

About NCBI

We help people to live independently, to rediscover, and continue to enjoy reading, to access information and communicate through technology,  to learn new skills, we help people with employment issues, we even help others to make their services accessible. 

Get involved!

You can donate your time and be part of NCBI volunteers team, help to improve the level of independence and quality of life of those who are living with sight loss.

By donating their time and expertise they play an important role in NCBI’s work.



See photos of some of our beautiful brides and their NCBI Wedding Dresses

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